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Here is why truck accidents happen

It goes without saying that any driver, regardless of the vehicle, can cause an accident and commercial trucks are everywhere. These colossal machines often seem intimidating on the roads, and for good reason -- usually smaller vehicles involved in accidents with these huge trucks fare far worse in terms of injuries and repercussions.

It's important to understand why truck accidents happen, as this can help you avoid trouble on the road. Here are some of the top causes:

-- Reckless driving. Truck drivers don't always follow the rules of the road. Instead, they speed, change lanes without signaling, and swerve from one lane to the next. These are all things that can cause an accident.

-- Inadequate training. As you can imagine, there is nothing simple about driving a large commercial truck. Truckers need the best training if they are to remain safe at all times. Training related to defensive driving, safety concerns and driving technique is a must.

-- Distracted driving. There are laws against this, but some truckers don't think twice about what they're doing when behind the wheel. This leads them to text and drive, talk on a cellphone, eat and drink.

-- Drowsy driving. Truckers are often asked to drive long distances to deliver a load. If a person does not get the necessary rest along the way, there's a greater chance that he or she will cause an accident.

-- Unrealistic schedules. Did you know that some trucking companies set unrealistic schedules, which cause its drivers to speed and take safety risks?

You should do your best to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and commercial trucks. Unfortunately, even if you do this, there is no guarantee of preventing an accident.

If a truck strikes your vehicle, do these things:

-- Move your car to safety (if you are able to do so)

-- Call for help, including the police and an ambulance

-- Receive medical care and learn more about the type of treatment you require

-- Learn more about your legal rights

A personal injury attorney can help you better understand your situation, including if you are in position to file a lawsuit. If nothing else, you should let a legal professional review your case and provide feedback.

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