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Severe burns from car accidents can cost a lot to treat

When people think of getting into an accident, they usually worry about broken bones or blunt trauma. Burns are a common injury as well. Vehicles are full of flammable materials, from the foam in the seats to the gas in the tank.

Sometimes, people experience second-degree or even third-degree burns in a motor vehicle accident. When that happens, emergency medical treatment is necessary. Burns can cause serious damage to the body, as well as severe pain. Without adequate care, healing can be difficult. The risk of serious infection is a pressing concern for those with a lot of serious burns.

Unlike many other kinds of injuries, burns can take a very long time to heal. Modern medicine has come a long way in its ability to treat serious burns. However, that doesn't mean that it is quick, easy or cheap to have burns properly treated. If you don't have medical insurance, hospitals are still required to provide you with life-saving care in cases of emergency. You can't get denied trauma care because of your financial situation. Ongoing treatment for your burns or pain management, however, isn't guaranteed under our current medical system. There could also be a limit to your insurance coverage.

Medical care for burns may last weeks or months

Burn victims, especially those with second- and third-degree burns, need immediate medical care. Some burn victims suffer from blood loss or even shock, which can be fatal. Doctors can help ensure the burn isn't getting worse and stave off the worst of the damage.

Medical observation can help wounds are properly bandaged and reduce the risk of severe infection. Many victims of severe burns also require physical therapy as part of their recovery. They may need psychological therapy to address traumatic stress from the accident or emotional fallout from the impact on their appearance or mobility.

Burns can cause incredible amounts of pain for some victims. Second-degree burns and some third-degree burns can leave nerves exposed and raw. Some third-degree burns are so severe and deep that local nerves may get damaged. In both of these situations, medical intervention is necessary to ensure adequate healing. Some damage may require skin grafts to heal. Skin grafting is a surgical procedure where doctors take skin from one part of your body and move it elsewhere to replace damaged or missing skin. Other surgeries may also be required to address damage to tissue and organs.

Burn victims require support and ongoing care that can become quite expensive. Car insurance policies often have a cap on medical coverage, meaning burn victims may need to explore other options to pay for their injuries.

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