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Here is why truck accidents happen

It goes without saying that any driver, regardless of the vehicle, can cause an accident and commercial trucks are everywhere. These colossal machines often seem intimidating on the roads, and for good reason -- usually smaller vehicles involved in accidents with these huge trucks fare far worse in terms of injuries and repercussions.

Speeding and aggressive driving tickets on the rise in Arizona

Most of us spend a fair amount of time driving on roadways in the Phoenix area. We probably have been in a situation where we are keeping up with traffic around us, only to see a car approaching rapidly from behind. We may need to move over to let this vehicle pass, while it continues to travel at speeds well above the posted limits for the road that we are on.

Wrong-way drivers a big problem in Arizona

You may have experienced this while out on roadways in the Phoenix area. You are driving down a busy highway. You may pull into the fast lane to pass a slower moving car. Suddenly, you notice all of the cars in front of you pulling over to the side of the road. A car goes screaming by you, traveling the wrong way through very crowded lanes of traffic. If you had not been paying close attention, you could have found yourself seriously injured in a head-on collision.

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